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How to choose your size and product:   Decide if you would like a print that you can frame, or if a gallery wrapped stretched canvas print would look nice on your wall or maybe a metal print is what the space needs. Measure the space where you would like to place the print to determine what size print you’ll need to order to fill that size space.

Watermark:  The centered transparent watermark will be removed from purchased prints.

Paper Prints:  When you open the “Paper Prints” list, you will find several different shapes to choose from (Standard, Panorama, Other and Square). Listed under these different headings are the sizes available for each choice. When you click on a size you may notice a grayed-out area surrounding the image on the right. The grayed-out area is the area that will be cut off the image because of the crop needed for that size. Different sizes will have different cropped areas. Once you have selected a size, click on the triangle to the right to select a finish for your print. After choosing the finish, again, click on the triangle to the right and add the print to your cart.

Framing: Most of the sizes in the “Standard Sizes” folder are common sizes that fit into most pre-made frames. Print sizes in the “Panorama and Square” folders may require custom frames.

Canvas and Metal Prints: If you are looking for a custom piece, Gallery Wrapped Stretched Canvas or Metal Prints are also available. They are both located under the “Wall Art” list. The edges of the gallery wrap canvas are an extension of the image itself.

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